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  • Our hand crafted signature BBQ sauces have been developed and refined over years of effort. There is something for everyone in this well thought out combination. Pick and choose to build your assortment Pack (4 sauces).
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Rack Shack BBQ Sauce 6-Pack / FREE SHIPPING

7.00 LBS
5 Stars
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Product Description

Assortment Pack comes with 6 sauces of your choice. 

Our hand crafted signature BBQ sauces have been developed and refined over years of effort. There is something for everyone in this well thought out combination. 

Rack Shack BBQ is award winning Southern Style Barbeque. Featured on Man vs.Food, Ranked in the Top 50 on Travel Channel's "101 Best Places to Chow-Down in America", Voted Best BBQ by KARE 11 Fans, and more!


Georgia was the 4th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution and is known for its Peaches and Cotton. Our Georgia Sticky Sauce is a perfect paring for grilled peaches, apples or pears. Like the climate in Georgia our Georgia Sticky Sauce is soft and mild, sweet and versatile. Use it as a sauce or glazing on pork, poultry or fish. Or as an ingredient in your own creations! It is great as a glaze on grilled kielbasa with peppers and onions. Sweet and smooth with a little mustard undertone.

This hand crafted barbeque sauce is just right for our MN NICE & MILD flavor palette. Smokey, savory, with a   peppery finish, this sauce goes perfect with all of your favorite proteins. OR... mix a little in with your favorite creamy dressing to  liven up your salads or appetizer dips. You can’t go wrong with this well rounded BBQ sauce. Try all of our signature sauces!

The Carolinas are part of the original 13 colonies. Carolina style barbeque can be traced to Caribbean cooking tradition where there are records of island barbecues dating back to the 1500s. Since lemons were hard to find north of Florida, vinegar was substituted for lemon juice. Eastern North Carolinians kept to tradition while Carolinian's west of Raleigh and others throughout the South began experimenting with different types of sauce and introduced tomatoes to the mix. This is considered BBQ blasphemy to the purest. Eastern BBQ is the original BBQ style and Rack Shack Carolina Vinegar is the sauce of choice for those who are pure of heart.

MEMPHIS SWEET (medium heat)
Founded by Andrew Jackson and others in 1819. Immigration and migration have created a rich mix of culture and music in Memphis. This style was made famous by such greats as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Isaac Hayes, Aretha Franklin and many others. It is in this tradition that inspired our Memphis Sweet Sauce where brown sugar, molasses and chocolate sauce combined with garlic, peppers and rich tomato to create a sauce that has it’s own musical score. Use it liberally on all your meats, burgers, sausage and as an ingredient in soups and casseroles.

KANSAS CITY SPICE (medium heat)
In the 1870’s the Kansas City Stockyards boomed because of their central location and their proximity to the Rail Lines. This brought the flavors of the East to marry with the spice profile of the Oklahoma, Missouri and North Texas region. The resulting interpretation is our Rack Shack Kansas City Sauce. Robust in flavor and rich enough to stand up to any cut of meat including the thickest steaks or juiciest burgers. The medium spice profile enhances the meat and never covers up the natural flavor of your protein choice. It’s great on your morning eggs too!

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and exemplifies the deep South. High humidity and high summer temperatures made Sweet Tea a necessity. Our Savannah Sauce is reflective of that region. Hot & Sticky with a backdrop of sweetness and undertones of spiced mustard. Savannah is a perfect paring with any poultry or pork. It makes a fantastic glaze on ham and pork belly or pour it over Blue Cheese and enjoy with your favorite cracker or hard bread. 

Houston Texas was founded in 1837 and has a humid sub-tropical climate with many days over 100 degrees annually. It is the national seat of Oil Country and our Houston Fire Sauce is just as bold and adventurous as a wildcatter in West Texas. It embraces the South’s bold spice profile and stands up to the toughest cattle rancher. This thick red sauce is not for the timid taste buds. It will hit you like a fresh oil well coming in while retaining the great taste that Rack Shack BBQ is known for.


We're family owned and operated and smokin' your BBQ using the freshest local ingredients available. Our low and slow smokin' style brings out that juicy, tender, BIG BBQ flavor! Our focus is always on the food using our very own secret family recipes, our own special rub mix of 17 herbs and spices, and serving our own 8 hand crafted signature sauces.

We are determined to delight every Guest with fresh barbecue excellence, through quick, friendly service, creating raving fans who return with friends and family!

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  1. Best 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 24th 2017

    Rack shacks bbq sauces are absolutely on point. Theres none better!

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